Moving Procedures

Movement in or out of the Building of furniture or office equipment or dispatch or receipt by Tenant of any merchandise or materials which require the use of elevators, stairways, lobby areas, or loading dock areas, shall be restricted to hours reasonably designated by Landlord. Tenant must seek Landlord’s prior approval by providing in writing a detailed listing of such activity (such approval not to be unnecessarily withheld, conditioned or delayed). If approved by Landlord, such activity shall be under the supervision of Landlord and performed in the manner stated by Landlord. Landlord may prohibit any article, equipment or any other item from being brought into the building that Landlord reasonably determines to be hazardous or dangerous to the Building or its occupants. Tenant is to assume all risk for damage to articles moved and injury to persons resulting from such activity. If any equipment, property and/or personnel of Landlord or of any other tenant is damaged or injured as a result of or in connection with such activity, Tenant shall be solely liable for any and all damage or loss resulting there from.